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Top Places to Visit in Japan: Your Guide to a Truly Memorable Trip

Japan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. From the mountains to the beaches, there are so many places you can visit that will leave you feeling like you have never seen anything more amazing. This guide will help introduce some of those top destinations and share with you a little bit about what each area has to offer!

Top Places to Visit in Japan

The Top 10

1. Kohala Coast Situated in the northeast of the island of Hawaii is the small town of Kawaihae. This sleepy town is located on the northern tip of the Kohala Coast. The only thing that can compare with the majestic view of the island is the feeling you get from the air as you fly over it. 2. Mauna Kea At 6,254 meters, Mauna Kea is the highest mountain peak in the Hawaiian Islands and one of the most sacred in all of nature. Once you reach the top of the mountain and see the stunning views, it is easy to understand why this mountain was considered sacred. 3. Keaka Palace Keaka Palace is located on the island of Oahu and is one of the oldest and most beautiful hotels in all of Hawaii. Built around 900 years ago, it was thought to be the largest palace in the Hawaiian Islands. 4.

Highlights for each region

JAPAN In Japan, there are certain activities that are considered must-do while visiting the country. Here are just a few to start you off: Okinawa Yokohama Tokyo Kobe Kyoto Nagoya JAPAN CITY FLIGHTS Source: Wikimedia Commons The easiest way to get to Japan is to take a direct flight from the US to Japan. Though prices vary by route and date, the best deal will be to book direct and save up to 40% on airfare. Additionally, you can receive a free or reduced hotel rate by reserving through our partner hotel booking site HotelKonan. This is a great way to stay in high-end hotels that usually cost a little bit more, as well as stay in budget accommodation. You can find a great deal to spend a week or more in Tokyo at a great price with 2 or 3 night stays from around $600.

Best Places to Visit in Japan

Why you should visit Japan

The United States has spent so much time, effort, and money trying to get a foothold in Japan that we could just as easily have created a cybernetic celebrity to match Katy Perry. America spent more than a century trying to unify the Japanese people but the more they have been broken into fragments, the more they have thrived. Japan has an incredible culture with a population of more than 126 million people. Everything from the wildlife to the music to the food you can eat are at an unimaginable level of quality. All of these factors make Japan the best place in the world for a visit and no one can tell you that you are wrong. Don’t believe us?


Whether you are an avid traveler or a tourist, Japan is such an incredible place that you should seriously consider taking a trip there. It will be an adventure unlike anything you have ever experienced before! The country is rich with history, culture and natural beauty. Every corner of Japan is a lovely surprise and a world of discovery awaits. The only thing left to do now is pack your bags and head to Tokyo for some major Japanese culture immersion.

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