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Top Places to Visit in France: Where the French Call Home

France is a beautiful country with plenty of places to visit. If you are looking for a vacation spot, this article will give you the perfect idea of where to go! We’ve compiled the top 5 places in France that are worth visiting and why. Whether it be for history, scenery or food – we have it all covered here!

Top Places to Visit in France

The best places in France

1. Chateau du Petit-Chambertin This chateau was made famous in the film Amélie and is well known for being made of a chocolate box. The chateau is close to this French village of Louviers. If you do want to make this trip, it’s a good option because the cottage sits on top of the chateau and also offers a view of the surrounding valley. Also, a view of the village is not to be missed. It is very quaint with the majority of the houses made of stone. There is also a beautiful tree-lined river that you can see from the estate. 2. Montmartre Montmartre is in Paris, and was one of the major hippie hotspots in the 60’s. There are over 100 churches in the city, one of the most famous being Sacre-Coeur, the largest church in Paris. This beautiful church is just a few blocks from Montmartre.

Why you should visit these places

1. Lourdes Lourdes has been on every list of the best places to visit in France because it is a truly spectacular place. The town is a symbol of religion, with the shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes containing the relics of the Virgin Mary. The shrine is said to miraculously heal people who are ill, making the place a popular tourist destination. Of course, there are plenty of other sites to see in Lourdes, too. Some of the most popular are the grotto with its pyramidal pillars, and the Catacombs of Lourdes. 2. Puy du Fou Puy du Fou, formerly called “Puy Mont Noel” and commonly called “Puy du Fou,” is a 10,000-acre amusement park located in the Val-d’Oise department. Opened in 1933, Puy du Fou is one of the largest and most famous parks of its kind in Europe.

Paris – the City of Lights

Whether you are a first timer or a Paris veteran, this city has so much to offer for anyone who loves to travel and explore. Paris has over 8 million visitors each year and those who visit the city know that there is so much more than what they see. For some, it’s the romance of the city or the elegance of the sites like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Notre Dame that draws them to visit. If you are like me, Paris is the perfect city for art and culture. The sites in Paris include world-class museums like the Musee d’Orsay and Musée d’Orsay, the famous Versailles Palace as well as more recent works at the Centre Pompidou and the National Museum of Contemporary Art. However, you don’t have to visit one of the many museums and monuments if you have been there before!

Nice – the French Riviera

As one of the most popular European destinations, Nice in the south of France is the perfect place for a trip. The city is perfectly located for those traveling from Milan or Paris or simply wishing to explore another part of France. The city was originally founded in the early 13th century by the Italian city of Viareggio. It gained some notoriety from World War II, when it was a little town to escape from the Nazis. The French were helping the Italians during this time, and the Italian’s assisted the French resistance in return. Nice is home to many stunning, modern hotels, as well as an enormous amount of restaurants to sample some delicious French cuisine. For those of you who love exploring the region, there are plenty of biking and walking paths to be found.

Marseille – the Lively City

Marseille is the second largest city in France, and also one of its most tourist-friendly. Many people don’t realize just how huge the city is, that’s why it is so wonderful to visit during the warmer months. This is the perfect way to get a taste of France without the harsh winters. You’ll also be able to experience the culture that Marseille is famous for. Its rich history, and open culture, make this a beautiful destination to visit. Enjoy shopping, watching street performers and cruising the harbour. If you like the coast, the beaches of Marseille are perfect for lounging and swimming. If you are planning a trip to Marseille, make sure you visit the Marais area – a vibrant, historic neighbourhood.

Lyon – the Cheese Capitol

Everyone will have heard of the delicious Bouguer cheese. However, there’s so much more to Lyon than that! It is the world’s largest and most important cheese producing centre and has some of the most historic sites. Lyon is known for its food (sorry) and to visit, you can eat out at one of the numerous restaurants with a view of the Rhône. There’s also one of the oldest buildings in the world and you can even climb to the top of it! It’s one of Lyon’s great advantages – you can visit such a great city, but also do it while staying in one of the many beautiful hotels and apartments! Bourges – A Place Where Famous Artists Came Home Bourges is one of the great cities of France.

Best Places to Visit in France

Bordeaux – the Wine Capital

Bordeaux is the capital of wine in France and one of the most popular tourist destinations. This medieval French town is home to one of the most famous French wine regions, the Right Bank, where one in ten bottles of French wine is made. Tourism here has boomed in recent years, with a range of museums, restaurants and bars to choose from. The most popular landmark in the town is the Hotel Elisabeth, which dates back to the time of King Louis XIV. In the basement of the hotel, the Medieval Wine Cellar (La Maison du Vin) is home to wine that was kept back during times of food shortages, making this an intriguing place to visit. It is also home to the famous Musée des Beaux-Arts, a museum which showcases the artistic tradition of the region.


We hope you’ve found the perfect place to visit in France and we hope you discover many more beautiful places in the coming year. Remember to check our back page for more ideas on places to visit in France and many more travel articles! Have fun in France!

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