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About Us

In a day and age when many people are turning to online social media and travel blogs as their main sources of information about destinations, it’s difficult not to always be traveling. The good news is that there are quite a few travel bloggers who can guide you through your next trip abroad or around the world, providing reviews of hotels, restaurants, sights and food spots alike. Fake-us helps its readers find the best travelers in the industry so they can get inspiration for their own adventures. The website features interviews with some of the best names in travel blogging so you can see what they recommend before heading out on your next adventure.

Lets set off on that next trip! You’ll be glad you did.

Everyone knows that the world can be quite overwhelming and somewhat complicated, so it’s really beneficial to get people to review your travel experiences and tell you what they thought of it so you know what you might want to avoid or look for in future trips. That’s where travel blogs come in handy.