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5 Places to See in Singapore That Will Take Your Breath Away

Singapore is a beautiful city in Southeast Asia that offers visitors an amazing experience. From one side of the country to the other, you will be able to see many different and exciting attractions. There are several popular sites that are worth going to while visiting Singapore. In this blog post, we list 5 places that will take your breath away as you explore them!

Places to See in Singapore

Singapore’s natural beauty

You are able to admire a number of beautiful landmarks in Singapore. From Gardens by the Bay and Bugis Street to Orchard Road, the Singapore skyline offers different types of landscapes. It will be your chance to admire the Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer all in one place. The Singapore Flyer is one of the most thrilling rides that you can find in the city. Visitors love it for its visual effects and spectacular views of the entire city. Bugis Street One of the famous attractions in Singapore is the Bugis Street. This is a famous place for shopping, eating and watching events. It is the place where the Chinatown is located. Even though this is one of the most popular places in Singapore, it is not your typical shopping street.

Places to Visit in Singapore

The Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is a great destination for everyone who wants to enjoy the scenery of Singapore. The light and water show, The Banyan Tree, has become a favorite attraction in the city. This amazing spectacle is free to watch. On certain dates and times, it is possible to purchase tickets to see the show. The show lasts about 20 minutes, and visitors can look forward to various colors, shapes, and patterns. The location of the Gardens by the Bay also offers other sights like the Water Theater, which features classical dance and puppetry. Temple of the Arts Temple of the Arts is a historic location that is worth seeing when you are in Singapore. This religious center was originally built in 1955.

The Merlion

The Merlion, which is the most well-known symbol of Singapore, is not the only landmark that you should visit. You can go to The Gardens by the Bay as well. However, we think that visiting The Merlion is the best choice. You can admire the amazing sight of the many fish which live in the body of the merlion as you visit this wonderful site. The Summer Palace The Summer Palace is a great place to see beautiful flowers and gardens. These beautiful floral and fountains in the site are a sight to be seen. You will also find a lot of recreational parks and other fun sites there.



Chinatown is one of the most historic and exciting places to visit in Singapore. The place is full of traditional Chinese buildings, shops, food stalls and fashion. It is really fascinating to see the different ethnic cultures that are represented in each structure. The City Hall Not only is it a monument, it is also a major tourist destination. Built in the 1920s, it is considered the biggest building of its time. You can take a tour of the city hall and discover many interesting stories about it. There are also exhibitions on the place, which you should definitely check out! Lombok Mooncakes Factory Lombok is a paradise for souvenirs. Every holiday season, the manufacturers of the famous mooncakes put on a nice show to demonstrate the way they do it.

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Singapore. The attractions here include different casinos, amusement parks and resorts. The famous Sentosa Cable Car and the Radisson Blu Resort are a must-see attractions here. Fort Siloso Fort Siloso is a Unesco world heritage site that was built in 1795 and is still standing today. It is a beautiful fort located at the southernmost tip of the country, in the waters of Sentosa. The gardens that surround the fort are worth visiting, as are the prison cells. Cockatoo Island Cockatoo Island is a private island in the southern part of Singapore. It was built in 1852 and is now a wildlife sanctuary. The island also houses Singapore’s national bird, the (red) kite.


While traveling, you will come across several great places. Most of them are worth the visit. However, these 5 places are considered to be in the top five best attractions in Singapore. The opportunity to see them in person is one that many people would not pass on. If you like to spend some time in Singapore, consider going to these locations. Singapore is a wonderful place to visit and explore.

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